Saturday, February 12, 2005

In the Sick of it All

I have a headache today. It could be my neck. It's just that I feel it in my head, near the base of my skull and in between my eyes. Stress. I still don't have a job lined up for the summer.

Well, actually, I just got called back to do my job from last summer: restoration. That's where I got a nail in the arm, a rip in my leg, sommersaulted off of scaffolds and ruined my back for about a month. I also got fit, made decent money and had good, consistent work, shoveling, jack-hammering, painting, climbing, nail-gunning, demolishing, sawing, and measuring. So, as it is, it looks like I will be standing on a swing-stage instead of marketing and building mutually beneficial relations with the public to reach the next stage in my life. Although, I wish that someone would hire me for my mind instead of my muscles. I makes me attitudinal.

It's annoying that employers never get back to you. I've learned to be persistent and leave them messages and visit their offices after I've applied to "follow up" or "set up an appointments" but even that is tough. There is usually a gatekeeper. I sometimes wonder whether the person that is listed to apply to is really just a decoy, some fictional person that obstructs you from harassing whoever is really behind the scene.

Today I will write more coverletters and search in the hopes of changing my fate. This summer drudgery is just a growing routine that I'd like to alter. Hey, it's not like I'm stuck in a factory year-round like some people I know, but how am I ever going to get experience if I need experience to get experience in PR? I've been going to school for 17/23rds of my life to get a decent job and so far, all I'm seen as is a disposable adolescent. I'm sick of this. My head aches.


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