Wednesday, May 08, 2013

CBC About to Become a Meaningless Acronymn

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is in trouble. With a budget that has been slowly shrinking away, it has been for awhile. The proposed bill C-60 would give Cabinet power to control collective bargaining mandates of the CBC and essentially nullify their own powers as an independent media outlet.

Petitions like this "Free CBC" or this one by Avaaz argue that losing power of how employees get paid and relinquishing that power to Prime Minister Stephen Harper would be the death of independent news and media in Canada.

Please write your MP, help spread the word (as we might not have a radio, TV or online news source to do it soon!).

Perhaps remind the Conservative government of the following:

One of the pledges you made before your government was elected was that you would lead an accountable government. Independent media helps governments remain accountable to its constituents by allowing independent thoughts to be aired nationally -it's valuable feedback to your politics! Please don't take that away from us after 80 years of cultural dialogue. Inspire us to support you by supporting independent media and an independent CBC!




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