Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Johnny and I had a great time. I learned some navigating tips in my own home town, got lost a couple times even, but our intuitive sense of direction and lucky turns carried us through. (She is frighteningly good with a map. Watch out!) We managed to go to Toronto, Niagara falls, play in the snow, she fed my dog pepperettes, and my dog loved her for it. She is very handy to have when I get lost. I just pull up to an innocent bystander, hopefully someone who looks like they know, put down her window and then she asks where to go for me. Her slight accent makes me feel less stupid in places I should know how to find. I just sit like the listening chauffer, pretending not to speak English.

We had three different cameras but none of them all worked at once. There are other pictures but the ones we have now are more beautifully displayed and narrated on her site. Please view the Portie-Canadian exchange


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